Off the Shelf Courses


Diagnose: Root cause diagnosis (RCD) is a research based methodology which uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to identify the training needs. A detailed report is prepared which reveals gaps with respect to knowledge, attitude or skills of target audience that when addressed leads to an increase in employee productivity and business performance.


Offer Solutions: A detailed solution roadmap specifying the areas to be covered and methodology to be used is developed. The plan provides a step-by-step outline and session plan for all training modules to be delivered.


Customize: The Content team creates customized content for the target audience based on the training needs identified and the solution developed. International design methodologies and adult learning principles are used to guide the content creation process.


Implement: The customized programs are delivered by our experienced and seasoned consultants. The program delivery comprise of diverse methodologies depending upon the learning styles of participants aiming at increasing the efficacy of training.


Audit: The audit phase measures the program's efficacy and locates opportunities to improve participants' on-the-job performance. A rigorous measurement process is implemented with measurements at multiple levels. The aim is to produce positive, measurable results.

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